The Healing Pod

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The Healing Pod is a High Tech Electronic device that mimics Traditional  Acupuncture by delivering painless, low frequency pulses to the injured area.

Unlike other TENS machines, it’s small and portable, no wires attached at all, so you can wear it anytime, anywhere, even in bed.


Healing Pod


The Healing Pod will help you with a wide range of different complaints from Stress, Insomnia, Painful joints, Knee Joint Pain, Hip pain, Lower back pain, Sports injury, Headaches, Rheumatism, Vertigo, Strained Lumbar Muscles, Damages Tendons and Ligaments, Sciattica even a Hang over!

With NO Wires attached, it can be used at your desk, in bed, while stuck in traffic, while on your computer, anywhere at all,  delivering portable stress and pain relief!


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