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Healing Pod & Healing Session C.D. + “Stress and Your Health” eBook

$129.90 $109.90


Buy a Healing Pod for someone you love … Something they will LOVE! to relieve their aches and pains.
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FREE SHIPPING! PLUS a FREE eBook! “Stress and Your Health”

Hurry and order yours Now, while stock lasts!

The combined Healing Power of these two products is a very, very powerful Healing Tool!

They have been designed to work together, intensifying the healing experience.

The power of  Traditional Acupuncture is well known, the Healing Pod mimics traditional Acupuncture in a convenient unit that can be used anywhere, anytime, even when you’re driving to work! It’s great for stress relief.

It is extremely powerful even though it’s only a small, portable unit. That’s the beauty of itthere are NO WIRES to worry about. Yet you still get the strong, adjustable healing waves.

And at this price, you’d be crazy to miss out on these wonderful products. Combined, they are not much more than just one visit to a Physio or Chiropractor and you’ve got it to keep forever!

To use as many times as necessary…

The Healing C.D. is scientifically proven, so you know it’s not just ear candy! It’s actually working for you.

The more you use it the better you will feel.

Together they make a great gift,  maybe for a relative who needs natural pain relief without the use of over the counter drugs?

Use the code to get this eBook for FREE at checkout!

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