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Healing C.D. Brain Entrainment

$49.95 $39.95

This is NOT your average relaxation /hypnotic track, the Healing session has been especially designed for us by NeuroSonica, makers of the world’s first Medical Grade Audio.
It will enhance the healing power of the Healing pod.

NeuroSonica® are world leaders in brain entrainment and their unique process combines a number of scientifically sound technologies to produce a variety of benefits for your brain and body (it’s not just brain entrainment alone).

NeuroSonica’s technology is the only of its kind with scientific proof that it actually works, as you can see in the before and after EEG below. It is validated by a senior neuro-physiologist.

The Healing Session uses sounds that actually work to train your brain… and it becomes even more effective with repeated use.

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