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The Super Powerful Healing Pod & Healing C.D. are amazing tools to relieve your Stress or Pain. Buy one for someone you care about Now! and get FREE Post AND a FREE Fantastic ebook on Stress and Your Health.

  • Why the Healing Pod and C.D. are so effective.

    • The Healing Pod is a safe alternative to over the counter pain relief products to help relieve your aches and pains.
    • The Technology used to create the Healing Session C.D. is created for us by NeuroSonica, makers of the world’s first Medical Grade Audio. 
    • You can have these two POWERFUL healing tools handy to use as many times as you need to.
    • For less than just ONE visit to a professional and you can use it over and over again! these products represent great value for money.

Relax… we’ve got you covered!!

  • You now can have access to the smallest, super powerful, portable pain and stress relief out there…
  • The strength of this small and discreet unit will surprise you!
  • Sending 32 stimulation waves with 8 modes of adjustable levels in a 20 minute cycle.
  • The best part is there are no wires so you can wear it anywhere, anytime, even while you’re driving or stuck in a traffic jam!

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You’ll find so many handy tips for reducing your stress levels in this well researched book.

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  • This is NOT just relaxation music, it’s scientifically proven technology that really works and it’s been designed to run for 20 mins to match the Healing Pod.
  •  Both can be repeated as many times as necessary.
  •  Going to sleep with the Healing pod sending healing waves of relief to your aches and pains is blissful……and having the Healing session soothing your mind and sending healing messages to your brain is Heavenly!

We offer you painless, drug free ways to get relief from all types of pain and stress…

  • Insomnia
  • Back Ache
  • Muscle and Joint pain
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches 
  • Travel Sickness 
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Nausea

  • When you use the Healing Pod and Healing brain entrainment track you will speed up the healing process and relieve stress at the same time. 
    And all without ANY WIRES! 

  • NeuroSonica have created a wonderful Healing Track to compliment the Healing Pod and it comes with solid scientific proof that it 
    really does work for you. 

Healing Pod and Healing track F.A.Q.

Q: Can I use the Healing Pod more than once per day?
A:Yes, both products can be repeated as many times as necessary.

Q: How long does the Healing Pod run for?
A: The Healing Pod and Healing C.D. are both designed to run for 20mins, but can be repeated.

We will be adding other valuable “Drug Free” products to our site from time to time to assist you in your journey for a balanced, stress free, healthy life…

In the meantime…Enjoy and Stay Healthy!

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